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Second Opinion FAQ

A Dental Implant treatment involves a multi-step procedure that requires surgical, restorative, and prosthodontic dental knowledge. Advances in the Dental Implantology mean it is reasonable to get a second opinion as an alternative more modern approach could exist.
It's important to identify a dentist who understands the different stages of the dental implant process and has experience with both surgical and cosmetic dental procedures.

A root canal is one of the more invasive dental treatment, so it is reasonable to want a second opinion if you are unsure about moving forward. When looking for a second opinion dentist, look for a root canal specialist, sometimes known as a Endodontist who has more advanced training in endodontics. Root canal specialists can best assess the severity of your infection and identify if an alternative treatment is possible.


A second dentist may have a different opinion on whether a cavity needs a filling or simply be monitored. One reason to seek another opinion is to check if the filling material being proposed has the best durability, aesthetic and safety aspects for your case. Material options include gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, composite resin and glass ionomer, each with advantages and disadvantages.

When Does A Second Opinion Matter?

Seek A Second Opinion

Before requesting a second opinion, please see below as it is particularly important when:
  • the dental treatment is complex lasting many months and is relatively expensive.
  • you are concerned that the proposed dental treatment is too invasive and/or will affect your lifestyle.
  • your current dentist appears to be unwilling or incapable of  clearly communicating the treatment options
  • you feel uncomfortable with the recommendation style your current dentist has adopted, for example being coercive or too pushy.

If any of the above is true for you, you will find a second opinion will empower you to feel more confident in questioning the proposed treatment plan. All requests will be treated with strict confidentiality. Any documents or information provided to us will have your dentist's references and your name hidden (redacted).

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