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Making an Appointment in 30 seconds!

Online Booking

Research by Accenture in 2019 showed 70 percent of consumers are more likely to choose a provider that offers reminders for follow-up care via email or text, compared to 57 percent in 2016. This trend continues with patients expecting improved online booking capabilities. Other research shows 35% of people prefer to book appointments during non-business hours with 25% (under 40s) only willing to book appointments online.

SmylorPRO Online Booking delivers a convenient digital experience to patients with fast online booking (30 seconds) with email &/or sms appointment reminders reducing no-shows. In a competitive benchmark test SmylorPRO Online Booking managed to secure 27% of incoming new patient appointments versus a 12% average of an existing application.

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Treatment Offers

How can each Dental Treatment be adapted for online booking? 

SmylorPRO Booking offers the flexibility to decide which dental treatments are available for online booking. It supports single appointment treatments such as a Check Up to more complex multi-appointment treatments such as Dental Implants.

Each dental treatment is linked to a skill set which helps filter for practitioners who have the necessary skills to perform the treatment..

01 Online Booking-Dental Treatment Selection

Easy Dental Treatment Selection

Treatment Bookings

Our research shows that new and existing patients search for specific dental treatments. "Dentist near me" only represents a small percentage of the overall dentistry related searches on Google. 

“We’re all now relying on smartphones, The difference is that the older generations are a lot more tolerant of not having that technology. Millennials, because they’re the connected generation, they’ve directed that change. There really is a groundswell demanding this, but millennials are just leading the charge.” Susanne Madden, CEO of the Verden Group.

SmylorPRO offers an e-commerce type experience for any type of Dental Treatment. This includes the ability to set a standard price, offer discounts, add loyalty schemes and even request a deposit for each treatment. 

For younger generations,16-40 years old, an online booking is experience is often the main decision criteria to book or not book a dental treatment appointment.

SmylorPRO ensures your Dental Practice can support young and older generations online.

Reduce Admin

Our research indicates, when open, most dental practice receptions spend 3-4 hours managing incoming phone calls and emails.

Just offering a dental hygiene treatment for online booking can save hours of reception administration.  

Practitioner Selection

SmylorPRO Online Booking allows Dental Clinics to
(1) Configure treatment skills per practitioner
(2) Set if practitioner is visible online.

02 Practitioner Selection

Practitioners linked to Treatment skills/competencies

Flexible Agendas

Providing a profile including a photo helps existing patients identify their preferred Practitioner.

The option to add and remove Practitioners to the online booking ensures the Dental Clinic can allocate work equally across the different Practitioners.

Improve Utilisation

Promoting Practitioners online helps those with low utilisation and that need to increase their appointment bookings.

Scheduling Options

SmylorPRO Online Booking offers a series of 5 available dates spread over the next weeks.

Patients can also user the date selector button, circled in red in below image, to quickly access their preferred appointment day.

3. Online Booking-Availability

Online Booking-Availability Options

Availability Transparency

With the ability to automate non-working times and block book busy times their new and existing Practitioners can provide their optimal availability.

With availability transparency patients can avoid calling to make an appointment. This improves relationships with a significant number of patients, especially Millennial and Generation Z generations.

Improve Relations

Reducing the time it takes a patient to schedule their next Dental Treatment improves their online relationship.

Ultimately this will contribute to better review ratings and resulting online referrals.

Free 30 monthly conversations

SmylorPRO Online Chat with AI

With SmylorPRO Online Booking, you will see an increase in the number of online appointments with new and existing patients.    

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