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Online Chat with A.I. Support

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Smylor-PRO Chat is an online chat service with AI support for your reception. Configured for Dentist Clinics, Smylor-PRO Chat uses AI with ChatGPT and Google for 24x7 dental treatment and appointment management support. You can start chatting with your patients now with up to free conversations per month with affordable upgrade options.

Smylor-PRO Chat supports your reception 24x7 with using latest compliant AI technology. Configured just for Dentist Clinics, Smylor-PRO Chat uses ChatGPT and Google AI technology for answering common patient questions on dental treatments and appointment management.

When the dentist practice reception is occupied or the closed, Smylor’s AI Chatbots take over which includes ChatGPT. SmylorPRO’s 24x7 integrated AI capabilities keeps reception support costs lower while maintaining important response management.

Millennials and Generation Z find phone calls “too time-consuming” and some refuse to engage with dentists that are not online. By adopting SmylorPRO online chat, dentists will improve relations with all patients from all generations.


Why to use Online Chat & AI?

Respond with AI

Why does your dental reception need support with ChatGPT AI?

The chat response text shown below was suggested by ChatGPT in less than 10 seconds. SmylorPRO Chat has AI bots monitoring incoming patient questions and offering response suggestions for the reception. A simple copy and paste action (see below) offers receptions the ability to respond quickly and effectively.


AI Chat-GPT Response Suggestions

Better Responses

A recent study  published on Science Daily assessed effectiveness of ChatGPT responses to patient questions. The results showed ChatGPT responses were rated significantly higher in quality than physician responses:

...Good or very good quality responses were 3.6 times higher for ChatGPT than physicians (physicians 22.1% versus ChatGPT 78.5%).

The responses were also more empathic: empathetic or very empathetic responses were 9.8 times higher for ChatGPT than for physicians (physicians 4.6% versus ChatGPT 45.1%)...

SmylorPRO Chat uses ChatGPT to provide patients with a quick a high quality response to treatment questions. It also offers suggestions for responding to incoming questions on opening times, cancellation policies and postponement requests.

With AI suggestions the reception team can avoid disturbing the team practitioners for the majority of incoming patient treatment questions. 

Reduce Calls

Our research indicates most dental practice receptions spend 3-4 hours managing incoming phone calls and emails.

With the ability to manage multiple conversations with online Chat and AI suggested responses this time is cut dramatically. 

Allow Anonymity

SmylorPRO Chat allows Potential patients to chat anonymously. Our experience shows that patients may want to engage with a few Dentist Clinics before deciding to commit to giving their contact details. Each anonymous chat is managed under an auto-generated user ID.

Anonymous Online Chat

Let Patients Decide when to give their details

Build Trust

Our research, which included live tests, proved for new patients allowing anonymity increased engagement. For example, offering a WhatsApp button on a web site requires the new visitor to agree to allow their mobile number to be shared, over 85% of visitor patients refused and so the opportunity to engage was lost.

So it's really important to build trust before asking new patients to give their contact details whether their name, email address or mobile phone number. 

Most patients will need to know an estimate of what the dental treatment price will be before handing over their contact details. 

Improve Engagement

Allowing new patients to engage anonymously ultimately improves overall treatment appointment bookings.

I typically won't to reveal my contact information before I know if I can afford the dental treatment...Patient Corinne


SmylorPRO chat includes the ability to add specific templates that the reception can use for responses to common questions. 

These templates also train the AI to make better suggestions and can operate independently when the reception is not available.

SmylorPRO Online Chat

Smylor PRO Online Chat Templates & AI Training

Quick Responses

Improve your overall patient relations as your reception team can benefit from assisted AI with faster responses.

New and existing staff can quickly use their experience to help with templating of answers to common questions. With templating and suggested responses, the reception can quickly answer repeat questions such as the opening hours or if payment plans are offered.

Improve Relations

Reducing the time it takes to respond to incoming  questions helps patients feel more confident in their decision to proceed. 

Even existing patients need reassurance around a new dental treatment they are considering.

Free 30 monthly conversations

SmylorPRO Online Chat with AI

With SmylorPRO Chat, your reception can manage multiple patient conversations with ease. When the reception is busy or closed then our Smylor AI virtual receptionist can take over to support new appointment bookings 24/7.

Register now for our SmylorPRO Online Chat with AI free subscription. With up to 30 patient conversations per month, you can start to chat to your patients immediately.