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Send a Single Request to Multiple Dentists

Convenient Appointment Bookings

Avoid multiple phone calls or sending multiple emails! In under 2 minutes Smylor can send a booking request to 100s of local dentists!

Dental Treatment Marketplace

Other Patient Services - 2023

Making Dentistry Affordable

Smylor Payment Plans

Due for release in the second half of 2023 are Smylor Payments. As a Smylor registered member you will be able to benefit from Payment Plans offers from participating dentists. Especially useful for complex expensive treatments.

Patient Scheduling Flexibility


For participating Dentists, Smylor will offer Patients the ability to request appointments with flexibility to postpone and cancel within 48 hours if the Practice can find a Patient that can take their current slot. Useful for those of us that don't have control on our schedule.

Dental Clinics Near You

Book a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our Smylor dental marketplace allows you to review and request bookings from 100s of dentists near you. Currently available in Switzerland (Zürich & Zug) and Germany (Köln, Düsseldorf and Bonn).

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