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What Are Treatment Funnels?

Dental Clinic Marketing

Every month in any country 10,000s of people look for a dental treatment. Capturing their interest is the key to a dentist's sustainable future. 

Sustainable dental clinics are marketing for cosmetic treatments that make up 55% of the patient treatment demand across most of Europe.

Te above image shows the split in the level of demand for each dental treatment in Europe. The research from Google has over 10m monthly searches for different dental treatments across France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Dental Clinics that create "Treatment Funnels" can better manage their practitioner utilisation by matching incoming treatment bookings to practitioners' skills and availability. Smylor supports dental clinics in establishing effective treatment funnels. 

The image above shows how with the help of Smylor one dental clinic increased their new patient intake base upon improving the volume of online visitors by creating Treatment Funnels. 

Up to Q1-2020 online marketing of the dental clinic was being done with not enough focus on dental treatments. New patients per quarter had grown slowly and reached 140 per quarter.
After a Covid lockdown in Q2-2020, Smylor supported the clinic in running marketing campaigns based on dental treatment demand volumes. 

Visitors peaked in Q3-2021 with over 80k visitors and sustained new patients intake average of over 250 per quarter (3 months). 


Before the Covid lockdown, it was possible to reduce the cost of getting an online visitor or Cost Per Click (CPC). This resulted in a lower acquisition cost per new patient or Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
However, post lockdown the need to have a higher intake of new patients increased the CAC. In addition, more dentists increased their online marketing activities, as a result the CPC increased by 50% between Q2-2020 and Q2-2021.

Despite the increase in new patient acquisition costs, for this market territory, the Lifetime Value (LTV) of each Patient is estimated at over 400, or over 11.4x the acquisition investment cost. 

Implementing a PRM approach...

Are you ready to transform your dental practice and provide exceptional patient experiences? Incorporate Recall, Upsell, and Cross-Sell strategies to drive patient satisfaction and boost your practice's success.

Studies, like the one conducted by Haws and Bearden in 2006, have shown that when individuals are offered promotions or discounts, their perceptions of the offering company or brand tend to improve, regardless of whether they use the offer or not. People are highly receptive to personal special offers, particularly when it involves beautification. Patients appreciate feeling valued and recognized, which leads to increased self-esteem and self-image.

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