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Dental Treatment Reviews

Existing patients will look at online reviews of other dental practices...

When a patient is assessing a new dental treatment they will often search for and read reviews of other dentist practices. In a 2022 research study by BrightLocal they found: 

  • Healthcare is one of the top industry sectors where consumers see business reviews as an important part of their assessment.
  • 76% of consumers “regularly” read online reviews when browsing for local businesses.
  • 87% of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022, up from 81% in 2021.

Relying only on reviews about your general dentistry capabilities is usually not enough. So getting your patients to review a specific dental treatment is important for all Dental Practices who want to best represent themselves online. 

Reputation Enhancement

By actively encouraging patients to leave reviews, dental practices can enhance their online presence and reputation among these tech-savvy generations. When patients share their treatment experiences through reviews, it creates a sense of transparency and authenticity. Prospective patients can gain a deeper understanding of the quality of care, effectiveness of treatments, and overall patient satisfaction. 

Building Patient Trust

By reading about the positive outcomes and experiences shared by others, potential patients feel more confident in the dental practice's ability to deliver exceptional care. Positive treatment reviews can attract and engage prospective patients, ultimately driving them to book appointments and become long-term patients.

Moreover, treatment reviews allow millennials and Generation Z to engage in a more interactive and participatory healthcare experience. By actively seeking and contributing to online reviews, they can share their own treatment experiences and help others make informed choices. This sense of community and involvement resonates with their desire for collaboration and shared knowledge.

Strengthen Patient Relations

Patients who leave positive reviews often develop a deeper connection and loyalty to the dental practice. By sharing their positive experiences, they not only build trust with other potential patients but also strengthen their bond with the dental team. This connection fosters long-term relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Know Your Blind Spots!

Smylor treatment reviews uncover blind spots or treatment experience areas that need improvement. Smylor treatment reviews also provide important insights into treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. By monitoring treatment reviews, dental practices can measure the effectiveness in different areas of their treatments. This proactive approach helps ensure that a patient's treatment journey results in a positive experience.

Patient Experience Focus

Treatment reviews often contain specific comments of what patients appreciated or felt could be improved. By paying attention to these comments, dental practices improve their understanding of the unique needs and preferences of their patients allowing them to tailor their services and approach.

Treatment reviews empower patients by giving them a platform to voice their opinions and experiences. By actively listening to and considering this feedback, dental practices demonstrate their commitment to patient-centered care.

Engaging with patient reviews and addressing concerns or suggestions showcases a genuine interest in improving the patient experience.

Importance of a 4.5* Rating

There is a well established methodology called Net Promoter Score or NPS that can reliably calculate the level of patient loyalty for a dental practice. A "Promoter" label is given to those that score of 9 out of 10, which is equivalent of a reviews 4.5* rating out of 5.0.

Targeting a minimum 4.5* rating for each dental treatment is possible as more and more people are willing to submit online reviews after a positive experience.

According to BrightLocal 2022 reviews based research, 66% of people used Google to research health care businesses with 37% of patients willing to leave a review following a positive experience.

Higher ratings and positive reviews enhance the practice's online reputation and make it more appealing to potential patients. In a competitive dental market, treatment reviews provide a unique opportunity for a practice to differentiate itself from competitors. 

Smylor Monitors Reviews

While it is important for patients to be able to express their views on their dental treatments, Smylor is aware some reviews could unfairly damage a Dentists reputation.

So any reviews that are suspicious or include extreme negative feedback are suspended until a review verification is completed by Smylor. Any review text that doesn't meet the verification standards Smylor expects will be removed before the review is published.

In addition to any defamatory, racist, gender or other abusive statements, Smylor will also remove text with excessive claims whether positive or negative in nature. All Dentist Practices will be notified if a review has positive or negative text accompanying the review before being published.  

Quick Reviews

Smylor provides a user-friendly review process that is very simple and convenient for patients. This simplicity and convenience improves the likelihood of patients leaving reviews.

Smylor optimizes the review process for mobile devices since many patients use smartphones or tablets for online activities. 

Some patients may be unsure about how to write a review or what to include. Smylor offers guidance by providing key aspects to rate with the stars. This guidance can help patients save time, structure their thoughts and feel more confident in leaving a review.

Counter Negative Reviews

Positive treatment reviews increase the visibility and prominence of the dental practice in online search results. They also help to offset the inevitable negative reviews that are posted when patients are angry. It is a fact that angry patients are more likely to post a negative review than those happy patients. So it's important to ensure the voice of your happy patients is heard!

When patients see a dental practice with a high number of positive reviews displayed in Google search results, they are more likely to click on that listing. Positive reviews serve as persuasive elements that differentiate the practice from competitors, enticing potential patients to learn more about the practice and its treatments.

Appointment Conversions

The cost of a dental treatment will always be a factor in a patient's decision to proceed with a specific treatment. However, an overall rating of 4.5* or more for the dental practice or for a specific treatment  is typically more important for the patient in their decision.

Far more Patients will decide not to proceed or delay their treatment when they are not confident.

Using Smylor's treatment reviews you can help gain the confidence of the patient and ensure they proceed with their dental treatment.  

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