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Invisible Braces - Aligners

Cross Sell Treatments

Did you know that people are highly receptive to personal special offers, particularly when it involves beautification?

Aligners are one of the best and easiest ways to enhance a patient's smile.



Cross-Sell: Expand your patients' treatment options by introducing complementary services that align with their dental needs. Cross-selling not only enhances patient experiences but also boosts your practice revenue by tapping into additional services you offer.

The Research on the Effect of Personalized Promotions (Veeck & Yu, 2016) explored the impact of personalized promotions in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It revealed that customers are more likely to respond positively to special offers that cater to their unique needs and preferences, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty to the brand or service provider.

Cross-selling Aligners after teeth whitening

Provide a seamless and comprehensive approach

After completing a teeth whitening treatment, dentists can discuss aligners as a natural next step to further enhance the patient's smile. Addressing any concerns related to teeth alignment can prompt patients to consider aligner treatment.

For patients with gaps in their teeth, Aligners are the ideal solution to close those spaces and create a beautifully aligned smile. These discreet and comfortable aligners offer a convenient alternative to traditional braces, making them a popular choice for our busy and image-conscious patients.

By cross-selling Aligners after teeth whitening, we provide a seamless and comprehensive approach to fulfilling our patients' dream of a Hollywood Smile. They will appreciate the opportunity to address any gaps in their teeth and straighten their smile, all while achieving a brilliant, confident white glow. This approach not only benefits patients by providing them with advanced orthodontic solutions but also contributes to the success and growth of the dental practice.


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