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Dentist Online Relations

Is Your Dentist Online?

Let Smylor help get your dentist online today!
In under 5 minutes, your dentist can start using Smylor's online chat service with you.
No more long phone calls! 


On Smylor your can search to include only Dentists offering online
booking. The online booking button will take you to the Dentist's online booking page. However, if the online booking button shows a Pink clock you can book directly on Smylor!


As a Smylor Patient member, you can have multiple Chats with Dentists including sending information and teeth selfies. If your Dentist has selected the Smylor WhatsApp option, then you can chat via WhatsApp aswell!


If you are in pain you can send multiple emergency appointment requests for Dentists within your chosen catchment area. You will be notified via email as soon as a dentist has responded with an appointment slot, usually within a few hours.


Smylor lets you make a single request to multiple dentists for a specific treatment within your chosen catchment area. All Smylor dentists who support the selected treatment are then contacted. Patients will then receive availability options from a number of dentists with some dentists offering alternative dates and times.


On Smylor, you can enter a review of any dental treatment experience you have had. This helps other Patients use the treatment reviews filter sorting to select those Dentists with ratings for a specific treatment. Each treatment review earns you Smylor Care points which can be exchanged for dental products or services. In 2023 for all first treatment reviews we are offering 3x the Smylor Care points.

Dental Clinics Near You

Book a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our Smylor dental marketplace allows you to review and request bookings from 100s of dentists near you. Currently available in Switzerland (Zürich & Zug) and Germany (Köln, Düsseldorf and Bonn).

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