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Smylor Patient Relations

Treatment Marketplace

Using a patient’s ideal dates & chosen treatment, Smylor’s treatment marketplace offers instant appointment requests with pre-selected dentists.



Across Europe, Dental Patients often find it difficult to arrange a dental appointment. Increasingly Patients want to book online cosmetic dental treatments with an experience similar to AirBnb and, Smylor does exactly that. 

A complementary marketplace Patient Portal app provides technology to allow Patients improved convenient, choice and a voice on local area dental treatments.

Patients can set filter criteria and search across 100s of local dentists for treatments and then request an appointment. After the appointment Patients review the treatment and give feedback to help other patients for their future bookings.

On the other side, dentists have all the tools they need to respond quickly to patient requests.

Smylor promotes the Patient’s expression of their dental treatment experience, recognizing a Patient’s right to having the best smile they can

Stephen Pye - CEO

Dental Clinics Near You

Book a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our Smylor dental marketplace allows you to review and request bookings from 100s of dentists near you. Currently available in Switzerland (Zürich & Zug) and Germany (Köln, Düsseldorf and Bonn).

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