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Checkups & Dental Hygiene

Renewals & Recalls

How can you renew your patient relations after 12 months and improve your Recall rate effectiveness?

Recall: Keep your patients coming back for regular check-ups and preventive care with an efficient Recall system. Sending timely reminders for appointments ensures that your patients prioritize their oral health and maintain a strong connection with your practice.

"As a busy individual juggling multiple responsibilities, finding the time and energy to floss effectively has been quite challenging. That's why I truly value receiving reminders for my dental hygiene clean every 3 months. It's a helpful nudge that ensures I prioritize my oral health, even amid my hectic schedule. With these gentle prompts, I can maintain a healthy smile without feeling overwhelmed, knowing that regular professional cleanings are taking care of my teeth and gums."

Stephen Pye - CEO & CTO

Automated Recalls

Personalised Patient Contact

In a dental practice, the Recall strategy is a powerful tool that ensures patients stay on track with their oral health and beauty goals. For hygiene appointments, the Recall system sends timely reminders to patients for their regular check-ups and cleanings. These reminders help patients prioritize their oral health and maintain a consistent hygiene routine. By encouraging patients to schedule their appointments at regular intervals, dental practices can prevent potential dental issues, detect problems early, and provide proactive care.

By implementing the Recall strategy effectively, dental practices can establish stronger patient-provider relationships, enhance patient compliance, and elevate the standard of oral care. Patients appreciate the personalized attention and the sense of importance it brings, ultimately leading to improved patient satisfaction and loyalty.

With our Smylway Silver Agenda, Dental Clinics can set renewal or recall auto-reminders according to the Patients teeth condition. From every 3-24 months patients can receive an emails or sms offering them to book their next Checkup or Hygiene treatment automatically.

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Our Smylor dental marketplace allows you to review and request bookings from 100s of dentists near you. Currently available in Switzerland (Zürich & Zug) and Germany (Köln, Düsseldorf and Bonn), launching new cities throughout 2023.

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