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Online Dental Recall

Improve your patient relationships and boost your practice with SmylorPRO's Silver Agenda – the ultimate Patient Relationship Management application for dental appointment recall working for you 24x7. 

Email, SMS WhatsApp & Voice

With over 65% of Patients providing Email addresses today, Practices can avoid expensive mailings for Recall.

55%+ of Patients opening their Recall Email will click on an Online Booking or Chat link .

With SmylorPRO-Recall+ you can easily send appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-up messages to your patients. Keep track of their treatment plans, preferences, and feedback. Say goodbye to no-shows and hello to happier, more loyal patients. 

SmylorPRO-Recall+ focuses on automating online patient Recall. It helps get your dental clinic building online relationships 24x7 not just in the reception and treatment rooms.

Inclusive API capabilities allows integration with most Patient Management Systems (PMS). Options to Import, Export and Sync* capabilities all exist which help you quickly get your reception online and improve your appointment scheduling.


* Please contact us to understand how SmylorPRO-Recall+ as a PRM can integrate with your PMS.


Silver Agenda - from €85 per month

Affordable Online PRM

Subscribe to Silver Agenda today and immediately start to improve your patient online relationships. Our plan includes a free trial and a satisfaction guarantee with monthly cancellation terms.